iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 7 of 100

4:05 PM – My iPhone receives a phone call from a GA number. Rings twice and stops.

4:10 PM – I look up the number. It is a spam caller so I block the number and delete the call from my call log. 

5:15 PM – The 4:05 PM call notification appears on my lock screen again. I open the phone and see the “1” notification badge on the phone app. I open the app and see the call is in the call log again. “That’s weird,” I say. “What’s that?” my wife asks. “I blocked this number and deleted the call earlier today and now it is back,” I answer. Then I click the info button and see that the number is still blocked. I go back to the call log and point at the item. My wife and I see the item disappear. “Did you see that?” “Yes. Weird.”

8:00 PM (ish) – The 4:05 call notification shows up on my phones’ lock screen again. The call is in the log again. The number is still blocked. The call does not disappear from the log like last time. I delete it again. 

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