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How to Win the Least Informative Email of the Week Award

  1. Update a couple apps
  2. Send an email to your customers 
  3. Tell them there are new features
  4. Do not tell them any of the new features because A) they can’t handle the truth and/or B) creating an email that isn’t completely generic is hard! (Pay no attention to the fact that this email contains an ad for your own email marketing platform which surely handles this sort of thing or would be as useless as this email.)

Beach Reading


I started collecting Y: The Last Man shortly after the series ended. Finally finished the collection a couple months ago. Plan to read them this week.

Also: Fight Club 2, New 52 Suicide Squad vol 4 & 5 (borrowed), Descender vol 2, Clean Room vol 1, Red (which was on the TV in the beach house when we first turned it on yesterday), God is Dead vol 8, and the simply amazing Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus.