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iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 13 of 100


Today is Thursday, January 19. My iphone would not play any audio unless it was previously saved to the phone. Any streaming audio or video (youtube, apple music, etc) would have a nice glitchy static noise approximately every second and if there was video, it would not be in sync (also wouls not be N’SYNC, but that is not a bug).

So, now that Apple’s phone is the new Windows Computer, I rebooted it. 

When it powered back up, an iMessage my wife sent me on January 9th finally arrived. It appeared as the newest message even though the date and time were correctly listed.

Nothing’s ever perfect but the weather


Taking advantage of my last chance to see the White House before it is plated in Rose Gold and covered with billboards. 



Age and Weather


Being the same age as the temperature outside is a little less cool each year.

Sunday Drive Nov 13, 2016


Hindsight 2020


Our next president’s campaign motto will be HINDSIGHT 2020

Who Wore It Better


Doctor Steven Universe


Sure to be the crossover event of the decade. 

F U, Yahoo. 


Good riddance. 

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 11 of 100


Looks like the iOS 10 compass works as well as ever.