Hilton Head is alright with me


Photo edited in (by?) Prisma, a fun little iOS app.

Invaders from Another Time


Off To See the Sequel to Wicked


Topsail Island Mini-Instax 2016


I packed a few cameras for this trip but took more photos with the Lomo’Instant than with the others. My iPhone 6S Plus came in second place. The Polaroid Cube rounds out the list in 3rd place with one or two videos at a skatepark in Wilmington. My Fuji x100t doesn’t make the list because it never left the bag. 

Pro Tip: failed mini-instax photos make great bookmarks. 

How to Win the Least Informative Email of the Week Award

  1. Update a couple apps
  2. Send an email to your customers 
  3. Tell them there are new features
  4. Do not tell them any of the new features because A) they can’t handle the truth and/or B) creating an email that isn’t completely generic is hard! (Pay no attention to the fact that this email contains an ad for your own email marketing platform which surely handles this sort of thing or would be as useless as this email.)

Beach Reading


I started collecting Y: The Last Man shortly after the series ended. Finally finished the collection a couple months ago. Plan to read them this week. 

Also: Fight Club 2, New 52 Suicide Squad vol 4 & 5 (borrowed), Descender vol 2, Clean Room vol 1, Red (which was on the TV in the beach house when we first turned it on yesterday), God is Dead vol 8, and the simply amazing Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus. 

9/11 Changed Everything


First beach trip of 2016 


I think we had been to the beach 3 times by May Day 2015. We will need to make up for lost time and squeeze in a few trips ASAP. 

The View


New job. New office. New view. 

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 10 of 100


iBooks now allows iCloud syncing that mostly works (more to come on this subject, I’m sure). Maybe. Or maybe I just haven’t used it enough to know how bad it is. Today I tried to download on of the iBooks synced via iCloud. It appeared to download but then when I clicked to open and read the book, I was shown this error message. 

I clicked “Settings” because I know this is wrong. I know I have enough available space for this 40-page books.

Or maybe this book is 20GB? (It is not.) Or maybe iPad requires 20GB of available space at all times? (Then “available” doesn’t mean what I think it means.) Or maybe it is yet another bug in iOS, like the one that forced me to reboot twice just to get iMessage working after updating to iOS 9.3.1 yesterday. 


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