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iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 13 of 100


Today is Thursday, January 19. My iphone would not play any audio unless it was previously saved to the phone. Any streaming audio or video (youtube, apple music, etc) would have a nice glitchy static noise approximately every second and if there was video, it would not be in sync (also wouls not be N’SYNC, but that is not a bug).

So, now that Apple’s phone is the new Windows Computer, I rebooted it. 

When it powered back up, an iMessage my wife sent me on January 9th finally arrived. It appeared as the newest message even though the date and time were correctly listed.

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 10 of 100


iBooks now allows iCloud syncing that mostly works (more to come on this subject, I’m sure). Maybe. Or maybe I just haven’t used it enough to know how bad it is. Today I tried to download on of the iBooks synced via iCloud. It appeared to download but then when I clicked to open and read the book, I was shown this error message. 

I clicked “Settings” because I know this is wrong. I know I have enough available space for this 40-page books.

Or maybe this book is 20GB? (It is not.) Or maybe iPad requires 20GB of available space at all times? (Then “available” doesn’t mean what I think it means.) Or maybe it is yet another bug in iOS, like the one that forced me to reboot twice just to get iMessage working after updating to iOS 9.3.1 yesterday. 

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 14 of 100


There is oh so much wrong the the TV app in iOS 10. So much wrong with the way replaces an app it does not functionally replace. So many things wrong with the way it was rolled out. So many bugs. 

But let’s start at the beginning… like this onboarding screen. 

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 9 of 100


Pretty cool seeing this retro error message 10 minutes after starting the download. 


iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 12 of 100


The ability to search in the iOS Settings app was added in iOS 9 over a year ago. The percentage of searchable items is still so low that I don’t bother using it. Some items are searchable, most aren’t. Some categories are searchable, some aren’t. Not even all top level items are searchable. 

Apple has a tendency to release thjngs before they are finished. They appear to be okay with never finishing many of those features. Maybe it is because there aren’t enough people using them? Possibly. Maybe they would be used by more people if they worked. 

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 8 of 100


So how does this even happen? I don’t understand how there can be a newer version of Photos or how there could be a library from a newer version. This library is an empty library created by Photos.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.37.27 PM.png

Luckily, I refuse to use Photos. This only appeared because I plugged my phone in to charge and Photos still opens automatically when a “camera” is plugged in.

iOS/OS X Nonsense – Part 6 of 100


I’m sure there is a completely valid excuse for this sort of thing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.52.28 PM

And I’m sure I don’t care.